What we do
Innovative IoT and Blockchain solutions


The challenge of integrating Blockchain into IoT

Following a long technological watch, Hitech One decided in 2017 to allocate resources from its Research & Development laboratory to Blockchain technology, one of the most fundamental discoveries in the history of co [...]

11 July 2018

An innovative fundraise model with cryptocurrency

Hitech One innovates by offering investors the opportunity to participate in a fundraising campaign in cryptocurrency. This model developed with international lawyers and business law solicitors builds on the foundations [...]

22 June 2018


Hitech One is proud to announce its participation in « The Things Network »(1) powered by LoRa technology. This new generation and collaborative international network opens the communication of connected objects in t [...]

12 June 2018
Our philosophy

Think divergently, Act differently

Hitech One is an innovative structure specializing in the design of miniaturized and modular embedded systems capable of adapting to all technologies, including the Blockchain, and environments. Its experienced team contributes to the democratization of connected objects.

As a pioneer in its market, Hitech One's aim is to offer its client a gateway to connected objects, whatever their business. The company therefore acts both as a creative advisor, a provider of technological support and a visionary prism for its clients; companies that wish to focus on what now appears to be the future of the Internet: the Internet Of Things.

Our ambitions

Technological excellence

Improve the management, efficiency and quality of our products, simplify the access to complex IOT and Blockchain technologies for all designers

Constant agility

Allowing the company to pivot strategically, free from constraints and nurture a constant potential for growth based on innovation and creativity

Human involvement

Create buy-in from our team, both employees and clients, to drive the success for our strategy

We need you

We are hiring!

In response to our new Research and Development department at Toulouse/Blagnac (France), Hitech One is now looking for passionate IOT engineers.

Our identity


Products are currenttly developed for one specific use. We have broken with standard practice, by designing modular technologies. We are a modular brand which helps clients take ownership and develop their ideas.


Through our flexibility, we have simplified access to technologies for our clients. As a company that simplifies technology and saves time and money, we have carved out an innovative position for ourself in its sector.


Much more than a technology company, we are a collaborative platform that shares our skills with our clients, to benefit their innovation. Our clients are treated as true partenrs developing a mutual winning relationship.

The Hitech One style is simple and open. Hitech One advocates openness to others and shared knowledge.