The challenge of integrating Blockchain into IoT

Following a long technological watch, Hitech One decided in 2017 to allocate resources from its Research & Development laboratory to Blockchain technology, one of the most fundamental discoveries in the history of computing. Our teams found that the next evolution of connected objects could not be done without the major advantages that the Blockchain presents.

The strength of this so-called block chain is to remove trusted third parties in a peer-to-peer decentralized network. Imagine for a moment AirBnB service without AirBnB or an Uber service without Uber. The innovation of this technology lies in its ability to guarantee the authenticity, uniqueness, and security of the transactions transiting the network, where until now a central control entity was needed. It is therefore the users of the network who become actors, they participate in verifying the good follow-up of the rules via mechanisms of confidence naturally creating a distributed consensus.

Reserved at first to crypto-active (Bitcoin, Ether …), the market is now realizing the potential of such technology within the IoT ecosystem. The blockchain brings this autonomy to the connected objects and these enrich the blockchain external data which it had no access until now.



We intervene as an innovative company in this new challenge of IoT. Our partnership with IBM allowed us to realize the first object concept communicating on Blockchain. Today, we are expanding to other platforms such as Ethereum or IOTA. Our Blockchain team is getting stronger every day and we continue to recruit passionate people to guarantee innovative products.