Modulum is
The first modular IoT device on Blockchains

Hitech One develops a disruptive device in the IoT market. Modulum is designed to cumulate the strengths of a modular IoT platform and the potential of blockchains. It’s also a vast territory of opportunities which opens, a pragmatic and ambitious market.

The flexibility of Modulum transforms an idea into business in any existing and future ecosystem. Thanks to our expertise acquired in the IoT environment, Modulum:

1 - Gives access to IoT and Blockchains technologies for all

2 - Reduces research and development costs

3 - Accelerates time to market

Have an idea

Customize your modulum

Develop you application

Use it or market it

Hardware modularity

Modulum’s hardware is modular in order to adapt to its final needs. The hardware modularity is on several levels: the choice of embedded sensors, the communication medium, the energy sources as well as the shape factor. Our patented modularity is characterized by stackable add-ons. Each element can consequently be added or removed at any time according to the needs, the progress of the application but also providing room for technological evolution.


Because no two applications or blockchains are alike, we offer two core models: Modulum Light and Modulum Full, which can respectively act as a light or a full node in blockchains.


Choose the communication protocol that suits your needs: Sigfox, LoRa, GSM, WiFi, BLE, Z-Wave, ZigBee, LiFi, and all those yet to come. You can even pick any combination of them.


Select from a variety of sensors to make your application unique: temperature, motion, light, infrared, sound, geolocation, air quality... We will continuously add support for new sensors.

Power Supply

Battery or mains, do not let the power supply dictate the way you want to use your device. You can either pick a battery from our catalog or use one of your own.

Join an existing network

Build your own network

Merging IoT and blockchains

The hardware and software modularity of the platform provides the necessary flexibility for the integration of blockchain technology. There is currently a multitude of blockchain platforms for a variety of uses. In order to meet the majority of needs, the module is able to handle several blockchains natively.

An infinity of markets

Supply Chain

Smart City & Infrastructure

Industry 4.0

Energy Distribution


Devices interoperability

A new ecosystem allowed the emergence of Modulum

The creator consumer, or «Create-consumer»

This evolution is ongoing, and we will have to rethink the industrial ecosystem. We will shift from mass production to consumption and customized development of large-scale products.

The future industry «new industrial revolution»

The future plants will be smarter and more organized to produce better. They will provide more adaptability in the production process and a more efficient allocation of resources.

The environment and the respect of our planet

Create and produce intelligently while taking in account the impact on the environment. We aim to continuously integrate eco-design in the development of our products.